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UVC Sanitizer

UVC Sanitizer

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• Wavelength: UVC 253.7 nm

• Power: 3 watts

• Usage: 90 minutes

• USB Charging: 5V 1A

• Disinfection Time: 10 Seconds per area



• To use the device, pull out the UV lamp and press “ON” button for 3 seconds. Indicatory light will become green once the device is turned on.

• Steady green light means the device is in operation. If green light is flashing. It means battery is low.

 • Hold the UVC sterilizer 10-15cm away from the object being sterilized. Make sure the light would reach all the area that you want to sanitize.

 • Make 2-3 passes to effectively clean the surface.

 • Short press to shut down. If battery is charging, light indicator will turns off while plugged in, it means the device is already full charged

Note: Do not turn on the device while it is closed


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